As a member of the Newcastle community we strive to establish and maintain strong relationships with other local businesses and suppliers. We feel that we have the advantage of local knowledge and relationships with companies and associations that will allow us to be more flexible and be able to react to local conditions in a way that other companies may not be able.


We are proud members of the following associations:




Work Health and Safety

We promote a culture of safety within our company and aim to provide the highest quality of work as safely as possible. Our work Health and Safety systems are fully compliant with the Work Health and Safety Act and its regulations, as well as the relevant Codes of Practice.


Our aim is to be a leader of the industry in regards to Work Health and Safety and will work with our clients to provide the safest working environment for our workers.


Building Code 2013

Our company is fully compliant with the Building Code 2013 on both Government and private work. We have systems in place to ensure our compliance and are able to provide evidence of our compliance to our clients where necessary.


Quality Assurance

In order to ensure that our work complies with the manufacturer’s specifications, the National Construction Code and the relevant Australian Standards, we have implemented a quality assurance system that will be applied on all projects.


Our Quality Assurance procedures are in place to make sure that all work is correct and to the highest standard.